Mehran Jamali Biography

Meet Mehran Jamali, a talented artist who has captured the hearts of many with his vibrant and colorful artwork. Born and raised in Abadan, a small town in Iran, He became Fascinated from a young age by the artistic elements of human faces. Mehran began sketching with pencil on paper from the age of seven. When Mehran’s teachers discovered his elite talent for pencil realism, they encouraged him to pursue a career in art, even going so far as to insist on hanging his drawings on the walls. As he continued his realism work, he began to pursue mixed medium projects on canvas in early adulthood.

In 2005, Mehran met one of his inspirations in renowned Iranian architect, sculpture and painter Houshang Seyhoun, initiating an apprenticeship which spanned 5 years to 2010. Mr. Seyhoun served to embolden him to adopt a more brave and fearless style in his work, elevating his creativity to the next level. He began incorporating more contrast and textures, creating a unique depth and dimensionality that captivates viewers.

Mehran’s work often explores the interplay between light and shadow, with textures that appear to shift and change depending on the angle and intensity of the light. His abstract pieces often evoke a sense of movement and energy, with layers of color and texture that seem to dance and swirl across the canvas. Today, Mehran continues to create stunning works of art that push the boundaries of traditional painting. His use of textures has become his signature style, and his pieces continue to captivate and inspire viewers around the world. He hopes to inspire others to pursue their own creative passions and to never be afraid to embrace the beauty and power of color.